Live In Dementia Care

Dementia is a progressive disease of the brain and it can eventually mean that a visiting care service is not enough to ensure the needs of the person is being met and there is a risk to their safety. This is where live in care can help. It provides one to one support by an expertly trained Live in Carer with a minimum of two years’ experience in their field. The carer will be able to offer all of the care and support that the person with dementia needs, as well as ensuring their safety.

The Live in Carer will encourage the person to be as independent as possible depending on the stage of the dementia, as well as involving them in day to day activities to stimulate and engage them. It is important that our Live in Carers have the skill set to be able to offer an engaging environment while bearing in mind the difficulties a person with dementia often faces. They will understand how to find out why the person may be upset, or angry and know how to resolve the situation.

Woman feeding elderly woman soup
Woman and elderly man doing stretches on yoga mat
Live In Dementia Care
The benefits of using MyLife
Safety and support to stay at home in familiar surroundings
Expertly trained and experienced carers
Care planning changes with dementia progression
Regular reviews by a clinical nurse lead

Highly Trained Health Care Assistants

When caring for someone with dementia, it is also important that they get regular exercise, like taking a walk each day, and eating nutritional meals, both of which the live in carer can support with.

Finding the right carer is important and a short list will be provided for family or friends to select from. If a carer needs any further specific training to enable the best support, MyLife will organise this.

Someone who is living with dementia can stay in their home and in familiar surroundings, and this in itself can be comforting. As dementia progresses, the care plan will be updated accordingly. MyLife will be involved with any other health care professionals as required to ensure the person has the best possible chance of prolonging life and living it as comfortably as possible.