MyLife Respite Care

Caring for a loved one, whether a partner, parent, sibling or friend, can be very rewarding but also physically and emotionally tiring. It is particularly important for someone who is caring for another to give themselves regular rest breaks so they are refreshed and full of energy.

Taking a break can benefit both the carer and the person receiving care.
MyLife Respite Care enables carers to have a break, without their loved ones having to leave home.

A MyLife Assistant can cover all caring responsibilities during the respite period, which can be arranged as a regular scheduled break or on an ad hoc basis.

Caregiver laughing with elderly man
Young man talking to elderly man
Respite Care
The benefits of using MyLife
Emergency cover to aid you when you’re not well
Regular breaks for you
Less burden on you, to preserve family relationship
Companionship to help reduce loneliness

What is Respite 'On Demand'?

Respite ‘on demand’ care can give you that emergency cover you need when you aren’t feeling too well yourself and need to recouperate, or if you have stumbled across a great last minute weekend break away.

It’s also good to take respite to preserve relationships. Becoming a carer for a parent or spouse can change the dynamics of the relationship and the way that you feel. The person providing the care in the relationship may feel tired, but guilty for feeling tired and not having the energy to be how they want to be, and the person receiving the care may feel they are a burden due to how tired you seem to be. It’s therefore important to both people in a caring situation that the carer gets to take a regular break.

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