Visiting Home Care Services

MyLife provides a bespoke visiting home care service, to offer a little extra support to people who want to continue living independently in their own homes.

This service is a good choice for introducing the concept of having some additional help at home.

The service is extremely flexible. Our MyLife Assistants can visit once a week, or up to several visits a day throughout the week, depending on what is needed.

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Caregiver speaking to elderly woman
Visiting Home Care
The benefits of using MyLife
Regular companionship through the week
No need to accommodate a live-in carer
Flexibility of service, you can increase/decrease calls with just 24 hours notice
Small team of care assistants who will get to know your loved one
Ability to spot any changes in health enabling a quick diagnosis
Flexible, ‘on-demand’ respite care service
Easy introduction to the concept of having help for more resistant people
Personalised care planning that can be adapted as and when required
Discreet service; you choose uniformed or non-uniformed assistants
Assistants work with smartphone rotas so are always up to date
Peace of mind for you, knowing your loved one is being looked after

How does visiting home care work?

The first step is to organise a visit from a member of our local MyLife support team, to meet you and your family in their own home. This visit is free of charge and allow us to make sure that everyone is happy with introducing visiting home care.

Working closely with you, we will create a personalised plan that meets your loved one’s specific needs. A visit also helps us to identify the MyLife Assistants that will be best suited to the role.

We understand the importance of continuity, and depending on requirements, there may be two or three MyLife Assistants who will visit on a rota basis.
MyLife stipulates a minimum of one hour for each visit, so our carers are not compromised by time restrictions. We have the ability to carry out a number of different activities, whether a trip to the shops or helping with hoovering followed by a cup of tea and a chat.

Your MyLife Assistant will help with whatever is needed at that time, and activities might be:

  • Help with getting up in the morning
  • Help with dressing and personal care, such as showering or hair washing
  • Preparing meals
  • Light household duties such as cleaning, laundry and ironing
  • Looking after pets
  • Help with a trip to the shops
  • Making the home secure
  • Help with getting ready for bed at night.

Our care plans are flexible and responsive, regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we are always providing the right level of care. The visiting support service can be paused for holidays and topped up when additional hours are needed.

The MyLife office-based support team will oversee the work of the MyLife Assistant, and are available as a further point of contact to discuss the care management plan.

Caregiver washing up dishes and speaking to woman
Caregiver laughing with elderly man

Why choose MyLife visiting care?

Some of the benefits of introducing the MyLife visiting home care service are:

  • A small team of highly-trained, local MyLife Assistants providing a familiar service
  • A flexible, personalised care plan that can be increased or decreased with 24 hours’ notice
  • A local office overseeing your care plan and providing customer service support
  • Efficient and timely communications using smartphone technology
  • Regular help and companionship without the need to accommodate a live in carer
  • A familiar face who can spot any changes in both physical and mental health
  • A discrete service, with you choosing uniformed or non-uniformed Assistants
  • An ‘on demand’ respite care service
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being looked after by compassionate and committed MyLife Assistants

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