It is incredibly important to encourage and promote an active mind, especially in elderly people who may be bed bound. Even though they are confined to a bed or chair, their mind is still working and should be kept active.

Book based games

Puzzle books, crosswords and word searchers are all great for keeping the mind active. These puzzle books can be completed individually or completed with the help of a companion. The use of a pen or pencil will help the motor movements and cognitive skills and the puzzle element will engage the brain.

General knowledge quizzes

General knowledge quizzes are extremely fun and something that can be done with very little effort. There are a number of general knowledge quizzes available online or there are they popular TV shows like Pointless, The Chase, Eggheads and University Challenge for example. These quizzes promote thinking and will often help with a feeling of ease / relaxation.

Sing-a-long session

Music is a great therapy for all age groups and almost every condition. From simply listening to some music whilst in bed, to having a sing-a-long, music will lift the mind and spirit. There are some free online sheet music resources to print out songs and learn a piece of music – the repetition of singing a song over and over again will aid memory and recall.

Learning an instrument or a new foreign language can also be very challenging and stimulating for the mind.


With a wealth of mind training apps to pick from, from apps geared for younger ages right through to adults, apps on mobile and tablet devices bring technology to the bedroom and are easy to learn. Both free and paid apps are available.

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