With apps for almost everything, it is no surprise that there is a range of apps that are perfect for keeping the brain active and improving memory. Learning new skills and consistently practising with hand-eye-coordination, challenging yourself with mathematics questions, or performing memory exercises can all improve cognitive function and memory. Apps for brain training are considered a useful way to simulate a user’s brain, but which one is the best? Below are five brain training apps that could be worth a try!

Peak – iOS/Android (Free + in-app purchases)

Peak features over 40 unique games that have been developed by game experts and neuroscientists to challenge the cognitive skills of the user. Peak also comes with the additional option to use a personal trainer to recommend and tailor the best brain workout for the user.

Peak allows the user to have access to a range of free games that challenge attention, problem-solving, language, mental agility, emotion control and creativity. A user can learn about which categories they excel in and the areas where they are not performing as well in through an interactive brain map.

Luminosity – iOS/Android (Free + in-app purchases)

Luminosity is a cognitive training app designed to be fun and interactive. The activities featured are designed to easily train the brain as well as allowing the user to learn more about their mind.

The Luminosity program consists of science-based games and activities that are designed to challenge attention, problem-solving, flexibility, speed and attention. To start the app will ask the user to take a 10-minute test that determines their baseline scores and compare to other users of the same age.

Luminosity includes over 40 activities that include maths, language, speed, logic memory and more which are carefully curated for the user. The app also shows personalised tracking of different habits that the user has and adapts to challenge the brain.

GEIST– iOS/Android (Free + in-app purchases)

GEIST helps improve memory, concentration, logic, reaction and mathematical skills. Spread over 720 games in 24 fun and challenging levels GEIST also comes with the ability to track statistical progress, allowing users to see in which areas they are lacking and excelling in.

Developed by a team of neuroscientists, the activities featured to give a full brain workout. Stronger working memory allows quicker learning and improvements in brain connectivity and the activities in this app certainly help with that!

CogniFit – iOS/Android (Free + in-app purchases)

Offering scientific and patented technology, CogniFit offers scientifically validated fitness solutions. It helps to stimulate cognitive skills through personalised daily training which is compared to the global population. The personalised brain training programs help exercise the mind with brain challenges, puzzles, memory games ingenious games and much more.

CogniFit is also equipped with specific brain training programs that help to train cognitive skills that are associated with people who suffer cognitive impairment, like Dementia, Memory Loss, Insomnia, Parkinson’s as well as personalised brain training programs help exercise the mind with brain challenges, puzzles, memory games ingenious games and much more.

Elevate – iOS/Android (Free + in-app purchases)

Selected by Apple as ‘App of the Year’, Elevate is a brain training program which is designed to improve speaking abilities, memory, maths skills, focus and much more. Every user is provided with a personalised training program that adapts over time to receive maximum results out of the user.

It features over 35 games that help to improve cognitive skills including processing, precision, focus, memory, maths and comprehension. Elevate also features detailed performance tracking, personalised daily workouts, workout calendar and difficulty progression to endure that the user is suitably challenged.