Why Choose Companionship Care?

Companionship care is an increasingly popular choice among older people who want to stay socially engaged both at home, and in their community.

As we learn more about the effects of loneliness on both our physical and mental wellbeing, it makes perfect sense that companionship has become a service of choice for so many.

Some of the key reasons that are making companionship care services so popular are:

  • Maintaining a sense of purpose and belonging and feel valued
  • Loss of mobility has impacted ability to go out as much
  • Someone to hold engaging conversation with and share the day
  • Cooking and eating meals together
  • Getting to see friends and attending local social events
  • Keeping up hobbies and activities and having someone to share them with

About our Companionship Team

Having a trusted companion to visit you or your loved one at home, can make the world of difference to each and every day.

Feeling lonely can make a day go by slowly and a companion brings conversation, something to look forward to every day and someone to share the day with.

A MyLIfe Companion

Your MyLife Companion will offer friendship as well as light help around the home. They will be able to help with attending social and community events

  • Is compassionate and has empathy, always understanding a situation and is skilled in navigating social queues
  • Will encourage you or your loved one to engage in activities and social events
  • Help with light housework and meal preparation
  • Can go and get the groceries, or take you or your loved one to the shops
  • Will be able to spot any early signs of health deterioration and know the right thing to do
  • Offers, most importantly, friendship and someone to share each day with.