New NHS Guidance Issued For The Summer Months

In order to combat the soaring temperatures over the summer months, the NHS have issued new guidance to help care providers look after high risk individuals.

The summer can be a very challenging few months for people in care as heatwaves have been known to cause serious illness and occasionally have been linked to deaths. These new preventative measures have been put in place to help those who look after people at risk be aware of the signs and be prepared in case of any issues that may arise.

All of the advice the NHS has issued pertains to keeping contact with the individual, both by checking in with them regularly and also advising family to visit and call often to ensure their safety. It also states that the carer should have the contact details of the person’s GP easily accessible so that they can be treated as soon as possible if anything does happen.

At Carewatch, we do our best to maintain a high standard of care and take all the steps to train our employees to the highest standard possible, so any additional guidance which could further improve our service is both appreciated and of great help to our staff.