Postmen and Women Take Time On Their Route to Help Ensure Older People Get to Speak to Someone.

Loneliness in older people is a growing problem, especially with 18% of the population now being over the age of 65 (source). In order to help tackle this issue, Royal Mail devised their ‘Feet on the Street’ Campaign, encouraging postmen and women to stop and talk to older people on their route. According to the Royal Mail website, the test began in Liverpool at the end of October with the aim to last for approximately 6 months, and plans for similar tests to take place across the country afterwards.

As part of the campaign, the person would be asked a series of 5 questions which would be recorded on an electronic device and then sent to the local authority to try and help gather data, which might help to come up with more ideas to help older people in the community.

We think that ideas like this are great for the community, and can be truly beneficial for the whole population over time. Hopefully more businesses will follow suit in trying to ensure that older people are safe and happy.