End of life and palliative care

With most people preferring to spend their final days in their own home, palliative home care enables people to live as well as possible until they die, in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Often we are required to help the person with transition from hospital, a hospice, or other care facility.

We are able to use a rapid response care plan to ensure a quick and smooth transition from hospital to home, whilst providing support for the person and their family.

Palliative care Health Care Assistants are specially trained in palliative nursing and are supervised by our lead Clinical Nurse.

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End of life Care
The benefits of using MyLife
Professional support and care to your loved one’s home
We also support any psychological, social or spiritual needs

We will help to retain a decent quality of life

A personalised care plan will be created with the aim to treat and manage pain, as well as any other physical symptoms. It will also help with any psychological, social or spiritual needs.

Treatment will involve medicines, therapies, and any other support that the specialist team believes will help.

We are also able to provide Palliative support to people who are no longer receiving curative treatment, working alongside District Nursing and any other health organisations you have in place.

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