Home from Hospital Care

MyLife Healthcare offers specialist assistance when returning home from hospital following an illness or injury, short or long term. Our Healthcare Assistants are nurse led and specially trained to be able to offer services at home such as changing dressings. Our Home from Hospital service often allows early discharge from hospital to continue recovering at home with the right support in place.

Being hospitalised whether short or long term can take its toll both physically and psychologically. The return home can be daunting and you may need ongoing monitoring and care.

We at My Life Healthcare can provide safe and effective support and care during this time to enable you to regain control and maximise your health.

This can include health monitoring supported by hospital guidance, dressing changes, medication administration and rehabilitation. We are able to accompany you to appointments to provide advocacy to support your wishes and implement recovery treatment plans.

Male nurse talking to patient and taking notes
Home from Hospital Care
The benefits of using MyLife
Reduces chances of readmision
Enables returning home sooner

Home from Hospital Care

Our trained nurses will arrange to visit you in hospital to assess your ongoing needs whilst liaising with the hospital team and other members of the multi-disciplinary teams involved in your care to formulate a bespoke care plan for your arrival home.

Our carers would be able to work with you in hospital before your discharge so you can get to know them and they can understand your needs /care plan and preferences. They can accompany you home when you are ready whether by hospital transport or private carriage.

Our experienced carers can provide waking nights or live in care as well as day care to provide you with the reassurance that someone is there when you need them.

Contact My Life Healthcare to discuss your health needs today and have the reassurance that our specialist team can provide bespoke care packages to cover every eventuality.