Your MyLife Companion is able to accompany you on holiday so that you have someone to share those moments with.

People often stop taking breaks away due to being on their own, a MyLife Companion is the perfect choice for helping you take a break and get a change of scenery.
If you are the main carer for a loved one with dementia, for example, it may be that communication with them has declined and as a result, you are feeling lonely. A companion can offer regular visits to you so that you have someone to chat will and look forward to seeing. Combining companionship and respite can be a good choice for when you wish to go out and have a break for a while, as well as having someone to keep you company, whether that’s when you go out or at home.

Holiday and Respite Companionship
The Benefits of using MyLife

  • Conversation when communication is reduced with a loved one
  • Take a break knowing you have a companion