As you age, the thought of being in a safer environment with carers may cross your mind, but do you really want to leave your own home? With live in care, you can be supported by qualified carers around the clock whilst being able to stay in the comfort of your own home. Below are just some of the benefits that staying at home with live in care can have.

Comfort of your own home

Care facilities can often be small and include schedules that the other residents follow, which can be destressing or unsettling. When you choose live in care you can be surrounded with the comforts of your own home. This means that you can live at your own pace and at your own schedule of waking, washing, sleeping and eating whilst being surrounded by all of your furniture and belongings.

A live in carer can also benefit by supporting you in your own home by keeping the home tidy, cooking meals, cleaning up after meals, taking care of laundry and performing small errands like going to the shop.

Staying close to friends and family

One of the biggest benefits of staying home and receiving line in care is that you can continue to have your friends and family visit anytime. In your home and neighbourhood, you’ll most likely have connections with your neighbours and your family and friends who all know where you live. In some care facilities, they often have restricted and scheduled visiting hours where family and friends can visit and have a check-in process which can make it difficult for visitors to come and go when they would like.

Maintaining independence

Live in care assistance can help support independent living in your own home. With many seniors wishing to spend their older years independently in their own home, live in assistance can offer around the clock support, allowing you to continue in your routine and maintain daily tasks with the peace of mind that someone is there to help when you need it.

You can also have the freedom and independence to keep all of your personal belongings, have family and friends visit at any time, eat whatever you like and do the activities you enjoy, any time of the day.

Safe environment

Living in your own home with a carer means that you are at much less risk of catching any diseases or illnesses as you are not as exposed to them. As you age, your immune system becomes weaker and you might find yourself more exposed to catching diseases or illnesses from other seniors in a care home or an assisted living facility.

Along with live in care comes one to one tailored assistance – medical professionals trained to respond to certain health conditions and regularly monitor your health condition to make sure you are safe.

Being in your own home can also be beneficial to your safety because it is so familiar to you that you will be less likely to have any falls or bumps because of unexpected steps or uneven bumps in the ground.

Keeping your four-legged friends

If you decide to choose live in care, you can keep any pets you have from dogs to cats to fish. Pets are well known for their healing properties, helping to reduce stress and boost your wellbeing. Many care facilities will not allow pets which can be very hard to process as pets become part of the family and saying goodbye to them can be incredibly hard and upsetting.

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