With the real possibility that the majority of us will be heading into another lockdown after the Christmas period, it is important to help elderly neighbours and those in the community as much as possible during this difficult time, remembering to keep yourself safe throughout.


A lot of the elderly community might be feeling quite scared or apprehensive about travelling to the shops to get their supplies, or might not be confident enough to use the internet to book online slots for their shopping.  If you are aware of an elderly or fragile person or family within your community, ask them if they need help and support and collect their shopping for them.

Care Parcels

Some elderly people might feel isolated, especially during the festive season and during COVID also – consider making up a care package that you can deliver for them. Care packages do not have to be expensive or extravagant, as it is the thought that counts. Consider adding a few tinned products to the package that can be kept for a longer period of time, as well as some soups and pasta.
Personal hygiene products are also a good idea including hand soap. It is a good idea to steer away from sweet treats, alcohol and chocolate unless you know they are good to consume them.

A Friendly Voice

Some elderly people struggle with loneliness, at this time of year especially. A phone call or a card through the door really will lift their spirits and help them to not feel so alone during such strange times.

Errands and Home Help

Offering to collect prescriptions or running other errands for those within the elderly community really would be helpful and beneficial –  ask if there is anything that you can safely do. There might be some DIY jobs around the house they need help with, or problems in their living areas that have been causing them some trouble or stress, such as the television not working etc.


Although COVID is making these tasks harder and harder, it is not impossible to help within your local community to support those vulnerable and the elderly. Make sure you take the correct precautions and try and give up a little of your time if possible to help someone and make their day brighter.