Most human beings crave social interaction and are not meant to be alone. Unfortunately, as people grow older this happens more frequently. As people age from adults to elderly, they may feel like they are depressed or isolated because they do not experience the presence of others often.

Psychological health is just as important as physical health, but the elderly may suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts due to inability to communicate with people as often as they would like. These feelings are even more common in those who live at home alone, rather than in a nursing home because they often can have days where they experience absolutely no physical interaction with other individuals.

Lack of communication is the most common way that elderly individuals experience loneliness which is even more frequent due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and the high risk of the elderly mixing with others. Psychological loneliness can easily be reverted by having somebody present who can talk to them often and keep their brain active.

When elderly individuals have a shortage of conversational interaction, they can often become withdrawn and lose interest in socialising with others. It is not healthy for seniors to depend on technology for companionship.

Lift the symptoms of depression

Companionship care services can be used with elderly individuals to break their isolation from the outside world. Companionship care services can come in the form of a caregiver visiting daily to keep a loved one company throughout the day or come in the form of a caregiver giving live in companionship care around the clock.

Both options are great to help your loved one mentally because they will have a familiar, friendly face to talk to at regular times each week or 24/7. Companionship carers can also offer a hand with domestic help around the home, with pets, with the garden and even personal care if required.

Preventing further psychological health issues

Companionship care services are not just specific to those who are already showing signs of depression and other mental health issues. If you are worried that tour loved one is cut off and isolated from the outside world, you can easily arrange companion services for them. This can then prevent any mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts from impacting them.

Increased family time

When companionship care services are introduced not an elderly individual’s life, whether it be live in care or visiting, it can allow them to spend more time enjoying the experiences they have with their family. With companion care services, the caregiver will spend a lot of time speaking to your loved one and understanding how they feel on a day-to-day basis. This will give them the ability to give you some insight into the mental health of your loved one, whether they are improving and if they feel happier.

This allows you and the rest of your family to spend time relaxing and enjoying your loved one’s company, rather than analysing everything they say, trying to find answers.