There are many reasons why so many people choose live in care for their relatives. These range from the practical through to the financial. Perhaps one of the least appreciated – but most beneficial –  advantages of live in care is the fact that it can often have a positive impact on an elderly relative’s overall wellbeing.

Why choose live in care?

There are limited options for elderly relatives if you want to ensure that they are well looked after but also safe. Care homes can provide support but compromise on independence. Continuing to live alone can be independent but lonely and unsupported. Live in care is an alternative to these options and has a number of very attractive benefits for those with elderly relatives.

  • Individually tailored service. Live in care provides a practical solution that is designed for the individual in question, supporting care needs even if they are varied and changeable.
  • Providing your relative with a choice. In almost every survey, older people choose the option of remaining in their homes, as opposed to moving. So, with live in care you’re able to respect the choices of your relative and they will feel empowered.
  • A more cost effective option. Live in care is more flexible and frequently cheaper than residential care. It is charged per home and not per bed as in a residential care home, which makes it an especially attractive option for couples.
  • Maintaining life and ties – with support. For many people, moving to a care home means giving up a much loved pet or parting with treasured possessions. Live in care means that your elderly relative is able to stay put but isn’t left to deal with life alone.

Improving wellbeing

Wellbeing is a hot topic for every generation today. One of the easiest ways to improve wellbeing in the elderly is to consider the choice of live in care, which can have a wide range of positive effects, including:

  • Avoiding isolation. Loneliness and feeling cut off from society severely impact on mental and physical wellbeing. Live in care ensures that your elderly relative will be independent but not alone.
  • Bypassing upheaval. Change can be difficult to cope with at any age and, in elderly people, can have a very negative impact on wellbeing. Live in care doesn’t require big changes to key features of life, such as living space or location. Instead you can allow relatives to feel part of the communities they currently enjoy and avoid the distress of moving.
  • Maintaining lifestyle. Independence and lifestyle choices are crucial to positive wellbeing – these are things we all take for granted until they are challenged. Live in care supports independence in the elderly and helps to make empowered life choices possible so that individuals can maintain the lifestyle they enjoy.

Live in care is the ideal balance between avoiding isolation and loneliness and maintaining independence and the power to make choices. For elderly relatives this can make all the difference to happiness and wellbeing.