Home health care allows people of any age and health condition to stay in the comfort of their home with access to skilled nursing care. It is usually required by those who need specific health care support that includes nursing care. This might be for children or adults.

Health care at home can involve helping people who need post-operative support, have spinal or brain injuries, need neurological care, or for palliative and end of life care. There are many benefits to bringing your health care support into your own home.

Privacy of Home

Our home provides us with privacy and it’s the place where we feel safe and comfortable. With specialist care requirements that can involve bed washing, toileting and other personal care needs, it is much more dignified and private to be able to receive this kind of care at home, rather than a hospital ward or hospice. A skilled nurse coming to your home will offer a dignified and professional health care service in your own surroundings.

Being with Family

It’s often having family around that we miss the most. Waking up to an environment outside of home each day can be difficult. Being at home with family to keep you company can be comforting, and it is good to have those you love around you.

Your Own Environment

There’s nothing better than being in your own environment. There are things in your home that help you to feel safe, like smells, sounds, and things you see around you, all stimulate the senses. Other home comforts like having your own bedsheets, pictures, and views from the windows all enhance our feelings of well-being.

One to One Support

Your Health Care Assistant or Nurse will be attending to your needs only while they are there with you. They can also be a good companion to you if you are living alone, or family are not there. They will be able to help you with some bed based activities if you are bed bound. You may want a book read, or simply a chat.

Getting out of Hospital Sooner

Home health care is often used for returning home quicker from hospital following an operation, injury or illness. It offers the comfort of knowing you have a professional there when you need them, while you recover at home.