Daily Visiting Companionship Care

Companionship services from MyLife, in the majority, is requested for older people who just need a little light help around the home, as well as someone to share the day with. It is a good way to help a loved one to become accustomed to having someone visit them at home, as often we find that people are much more receptive to home care services following earlier provision of a visiting service.

You can schedule your own companionship service to suit the way you live your daily life. On a weekly basis, if you know you would like company for dinner times each day for example, then this can be arranged. It can also be nice to have the companion stay to share time with during the evening when it can feel a lot lonelier.

Daily Visiting Companionship Care
The Benefits of Using MyLife

  • Someone to share the day with
  • Choose how and when you use your service
  • Select your own Companion
  • Light household help

Highly Trained Health Care Assistants

Often we can start to struggle with keeping up with household tasks as we get older, like vacuuming and dusting, laundry and changing the bed sheets, all of these can be exhausting, this may reduce the energy you might need for going out or doing the things you enjoy. Having a MyLife Companion to take these things off your hands, can enhance your quality of life. The MyLife Companion will do these things under your instruction and exactly how you like them to be done.

Companionship offers much more than company and conversation each day, it is essential to health and wellbeing.