Live in Care is an alternative option to a residential care home, ideal for those who need a little extra support. Your parents may be keen to stay in their own homes and live independently but you may also have noticed some signs that perhaps they need a little help. If that’s the case then a Live in Carer could be the perfect solution.

Signs that an elderly parent might need home help

Raising the idea of a Live in Carer can be a sensitive topic with parents who may be struggling with their loss of independence. No one wants to feel that they aren’t quite coping but it’s important to ensure that your parents are looked after if they do need a bit more support to avoid more serious problems arising further down the line.

There are a number of different signs to look out for that could indicate your ageing parents would benefit from home help. For example, when you visit you might notice that hygiene standards in their home aren’t quite what they used to be – there may be unwashed dishes, out of date food in the fridge and clutter and mess where there wasn’t any before. This is usually a sign that daily tasks have become too challenging and home help could be beneficial.

Changes to the way the home is maintained can also be a coded cry for help – fixing things, changing lightbulbs or keeping up with repairs may no longer be possible. The same goes for the way that your parent maintains their own appearance and personal hygiene. If you notice changes in old routines then it may be time to look at home care, for example if your mother stops doing her makeup or their clothes all seem to have food stains on them. Withdrawing from activities or obvious physical or mental changes, such as weight loss and memory problems, can also be signs to look out for.

What a Live in Carer can offer your elderly relatives

When you choose a Live in Carer then your elderly relatives don’t have to go through the trauma and upheaval of moving somewhere new. They are also more likely to be healthier – falls and fractures are far less frequent with those who are receiving live in care than for people in nursing homes. You’ll also find it easier to visit – as will other relatives – and your parents are much less likely to feel isolated or alone, as they will remain within their community. A Live in Carer is often a better budget choice too, as the weekly prices are lower than a residential care home. If you require care for both your parents then moving them to a home would mean a charge for each, per bed – with a Live in Carer it’s a single charge.

Ultimately, the option of a Live in Carer means that you are giving your parents more dignity and choice when it comes to how to live in later years. You might find that they need more help as the years go on but, with a Live in Carer, they can still have the freedom of living in their own home.