By Amy Treasure

I wouldn’t say I am especially crafty, I’ve had more than my fair share of crafting disasters so I leave the school to the glitter and the handmade salt dough decorations. One thing I do every single year though, is to make Christmas cards at home with the kids. It’s just so sweet seeing the look of pride on their little faces when they hand over their special cards, and nothing better than receiving them.

I’ve put together a selection of homemade Christmas card tutorials that are easy to do at home.

Father Christmas handprint card

Father Christmas Hand Print Card

Source: Renovation Baby

Create this card by painting your child’s fingers, tip of thumb and top of the palm in white paint. Add some red paint to the bottom of palm and most of the thumb. Press down on the card and sprinkle glitter on the white parts. Once dry, paint on a face and glue on eyes, nose and mouth to finish.

Snowman Christmas card

Homemade snowman Christmas card

Source: Dear Bear and Beany

Take some black card fold it in half and draw two circles in crayon. Add glue to the circles and then stick cotton wool to the glue, forming a snowman shape. Stick on two white pipe cleaners for arms and a smaller piece of orange pipe cleaner for the nose. Add a glittery pipe cleaner for a scarf and use glitter glue to make buttons and a hat. Lastly, add a few glue dots on the card surrounding the snowman and stick on little balls of cotton wool to resemble falling snow. If you like the idea of making Snowman cards, have a look at this sensory snowman card, an upcycled snowman card, or one made from paint printing using pom poms.

Button bauble design

Homemade button Christmas card

Source: Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

A simple yet effective card design. Draw lines at different lengths and stick different colour and shaped buttons at the end of the lines. Add a Christmas message by cutting out a banner and sticking it to the front of the card. For more bauble inspired designs check out this brilliant tutorial for a washi tape bauble card.

Drinking straw Christmas tree card

Homemade Christmas tree Christmas cards

Source: Crafts on Sea

To make these cards you need to cut drinking straws into different lengths, next put the chopped pieces of drinking straws into size order to form a Christmas tree shape. Stick them down and decorate by sticking on snowflakes.

Mistletoe Christmas card using 'helicopter seeds'

Mistletoe helicopter seed Christmas card

Source: Me and My Shadow

These Christmas cards are very cute and super easy to make at home. They use items from nature so you get the added benefit of going out for a walk to find the bits you need.
Collect some ‘helicopter seeds’ these can be found around a maple or sycamore tree. Paint them green and stick them to a piece of card. For the ball underneath you could use a lime seed painted white, a small piece of cotton wool rolled into a ball, or a white sequin. Arrange them on your card into a mistletoe shape, and glue in place.

Thumbprint Reindeer card

Thumbprint Reindeer art
These cards take minutes to make. Just fold a piece of card in half and then make thumbprints using a brown ink pad, draw on antlers, eyes and red noses. You could do a reindeer for each member of the family, in different sizes and then write your names underneath. Very cute!

Popsicle penguin card

Homemade Penguin Christmas card
Paint 7 popsicle sticks with black paint and stick 6 of them together with glue to form the shape pictured above. For the arms cut a popsicle stick in half and glue it to the back of the penguin. Add some red glitter paint for feet and use foam cut into a heart and triangle shape for the tummy and nose. Add some goggly eyes and then cover the back of the penguin with glue and stick it to the card.

Standing gingerbread man card

Homemade gingerbread cards
Source: Red Ted Art
Fold a piece of card in half. Using a cookie cutter or a template as a stencil and making sure the hand and the foot touch the crease of the card. Trace your gingerbread man. Cut him out, you should now have 2 gingerbread men, attached at the hands and feet that stand up by themselves. Paint the gingerbread man brown and decorate to your heart’s content!
There we have it 12 easy to make Christmas cards, an activity that can be enjoyed at home with the kids. Which one will you make?