Live in Care to Support an Independent and Fulfilling Lifestyle

Live in Care is a popular option for older people who wish to live more independently as well as having companionship and peace of mind.

It is a financially viable alternative to a residential care home and a great option for anyone who feels it’s important to stay in their own place but may need a little assistance on a daily basis.

Why choose live in care?

  • The care is provided on a one-to-one basis
  • The care is consistent
  • The live in carer is always on hand to support
  • Offers families peace of mind
  • Staying at home is a preferred option
  • More financially viable that residential care
  • Care can be more specialised as needs change
  • Maintaining current lifestyle choices

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MyLife Live in Care Packages

£995 p/w

Your My Life Live in Carer will be pleased to support you with:

Showering and bathing, dressing, personal care, shaving and oral hygiene, meal and beverage preparation, verbal prompting with medication, escorted social visits and appointments, daily light household duties, laundry tasks and ironing, assistance with post and correspondence, light gardening, shopping either with you or on your behalf, telephone assistance, making appointments and diary keeping, support with hobbies and companionship.

Cost of Care Comparison

Live in care offers more flexibility than visiting care, as well as help and support on hand whenever it is needed. It is more affordable that residential care and staying in your own environment supports ongoing well being.

Typically, the costs across the UK, could look like the following:

£1,125 p/w

This package covers everything offered by Live in Support, as well as additional assistance, such as continence and catheter care and assistance with feeding and fluid intake. The Live in Carer is expertly trained by a Clinical Nurse to offer these additional services.

£1,250 p/w

This package covers everything offered by Live in Support Plus and adds on extra care elements, such as dementia support, end of life and palliative care and liaising with health professionals. Carers are more specifically qualified to suit a more intense level of support and are supervised and supported by a MyLife lead Registered Nurse.

The Full Care Pathway

MyLife can meet the needs of the full care pathway, providing high quality help and care at home, ensuring that continuing to live at home is always the option.

When care needs increase, our Live in Carers are trained by our Clinical Nurse to continue offering the support you need with the same carer.

Support Team

MyLife provides a dedicated support team for their Live In Carers, ensuring they feel a part of a wider team. This makes a difference in the support you receive. There will be another carer assigned for cover so that there is never an issue when the carer needs their breaks.

High Quality

MyLife strives to meet the highest quality standards of live in care to ensure we are supporting you in maintaining your lifestyle choices and independence.

Live in Carers are only selected for interview with 1 – 2 years of care experience. We short list carers based upon your requirements.

Live In Care Indicative CostsRecommended Option

£ 1,100

Per Week
  • Stay in your own home
  • One to one support
  • Help and support day or night
  • Consistency with the same carer
  • Help with maintaining current lifestyle
  • Companionship
  • As needs increase, care planning is adapted

Residential Care Indicative Costs

£ 1,500

Per Week
  • Shared living spaces
  • Upheaval of moving out of home
  • Different carers on shifts
  • Moved away from community

Visiting Care Indicative Costs

£ 400-500

20 Hours
  • Offers ability to say at home
  • Waiting between visits may be difficult
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MyLife is regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and the Care Inspectorate in Scotland.

About MyLife Live in Carers

All providers of care in England and Scotland must adhere to certain regulatory standards, inspected by the regulatory bodies, the Care Quality Commission in England and the Care Inspectorate in Scotland.

At MyLife we strive to provide standards of care that go above and beyond what is required of us, and this is facilitated in part by our outstanding training programme.

Our Live in Carers must come to us with a minimum of 1 – 2 years of live in care or home care experience, come well referenced as well as completing a five day MyLife specific introductory training programme when they join, regardless of their previous experience and qualifications.

Live in Carers also receive additional training carried out by Registered Nurses, both in the classroom and in the field, to up-skill them when their client requires more specialist support.

Suitable carers are short listed following our discovery meeting with you, this way you can choose your own carer based on their interests and lifestyle prefences. We always check in to ensure you are both settling in and getting on well.