Acquired Brain Injury

An acquired brain injury is a life changing condition for the person as well as their family and friends, making this an emotional and practical challenge for everyone concerned. Acquired brain injury can cause depression, anxiety and a range of emotional responses. This can be especially difficult for families and friends as well.

MyLife Health Care Assistants are specially trained and supervised by our clinical nurse team who will also be involved in the delivery of an effective and personalised care plan.

There are several aspects to brain injury rehabilitation and everyone is affected differently. Relearning the basic life skills that were once second nature can be frustrating and difficult. That’s where the caring and encouraging nature of our Health Care Assistants is an essential part to helping with recovery, offering practical and emotional support throughout the recovery journey.

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A mild acquired brain injury will often cause a period of time where the person can experience concussion and loss of consciousness. They may regularly feel dizzy, experience loss of balance, and have memory and concentration problems, headaches, mood and sleep changes, as well as sensitivity to light or sound.

A person with a moderate to severe acquired brain injury may also experience profound confusion, convulsions, slurred speech, and pupil dilation, loss of coordination, slurred speech.

It is also possible that they also lose control of bodily functions, acute headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Hydration and healthy and nutritious meals are important to enable the body to repair itself more efficiently, as well as ensuring that prescribed medications are taken at the right times.

This is a huge physical and mental journey for a person to get through and it is important to us that we offer the very best emotional and practical support to both the person and their family.