In many cases, elderly people have lived in their homes for many years and own plenty of sentimental possessions and memories relating to their properties, which can be so special and comforting for them. At MyLife, we know that people love their homes and parting with it can be an upsetting and scary experience, which is why we offer our Live In Care service.

Live In care allows individuals to be cared for and supported in the comfort of their own home.

How does live in care work?

Live in care means that the individual needing care will have a dedicated carer that lives in their home. The individual will need to provide the carer with a private room and bed. The carer supports the individual throughout the day and night to keep them company.

Overall, there will be two carers supporting the individual. One who is the main carer and another who will cover the main carer when they would like time off. The primary carer will spend 6-8 weeks with the individual before taking a break where the secondary carer will step in to cover for two weeks.

The live in carers are specifically matched to the individual to match their personal preferences and services. This is all agreed and discussed beforehand with the MyLife care team.

How live in care can be tailored

Live in care is a fantastic service as it can be specifically tailored to the individuals needs, depending on what type of care they are looking for.

Live In Companionship and Home Help – Live in companionship offers one to one companionship at all hours as well as assistance around the home. This includes helping with domestic chores and errands, helping the individual to host friends and family, assistance with food shopping, help with looking after pets and much more.

Live In Respite Care – Respite care can be provided for the individual on a long term or short-term basis. This is best for friends and family who care for an individual full time and they need to take a break for a holiday or for just one-off days. The respite carer can also join on holidays to give both the family / friends and the loved one a break, ensuring all parties are revitalised and invigorated upon return to normal life.

Live In Dementia Care – Over time as dementia progresses, it can become more and more intense. At this point family and friends sometimes need to consider residential care but this can be a more costly option. Live in carers will allow the individual with dementia to stay in their home in their familiar surroundings whilst they are still receiving the medical care, attention and support their condition requires – all to the very highest standards.

Live In Specialist Care – Live in specialist care is for people with more complex conditions, such as brain injuries and spinal injuries. A live in carer can provide expert support and care which includes working with health organisations and rehabilitation. This can also be a great option for those individuals who are returning home from hospital after an operation, illness or injury and will require just a little extra help getting back on their feet and into routine again.

Live In End Of Life Care – Live in carers can ensure that a loved one’s needs are met when they come home to spend their remaining time with their family and friends. This includes making sure they have the pain relief they need, ensuring they are comfortable and their dignity is maintained. Live in end of life carers are also able to offer support and comfort family members grieving the loss of their loved one.

Key Benefits Of Live In Care

  • The individual can still remain home, independent and in control for longer
  • Allows for routines to be continued with privacy when required / requested
  • Allows the individual to keep up with interest and hobbies within their local community as well as an active social life
  • The individual can still easily be visited by family and friends and maintain relationships in a more relaxed setting
  • The home and familiar settings can benefit the individual and improve their care if they have dementia