Rapid Response

Rapid response care at home can prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, and enables people to be cared for in their own home. It also allows a faster and sometimes earlier discharge from hospital to enable regular health monitoring to happen in the home environment.

One of our Clinical Nurses will perform an assessment and create a care plan before the person they are supporting leaves the hospital.

Caregiver taking an elderly mans blood pressure
Caregiver laughing with elderly man
Rapid Response Care
The benefits of using MyLife
Clinical Nurse led service
Expertly trained Health Care Assistants

So why choose Rapid Response Care?

The care plan has to fully support the individual health care needs of the person. Live in care is often the best care package for this service, so that the person feels confident and safe with an on hand Health Care Assistant to ensure everything is going as it should. This can prevent hospital readmissions, enabling a faster recovery time.

The rapid response service can be provided long or short term, depending on the support needs of the individual.

MyLife will also ensure that the transition from hospital to home is smooth to reduce any distress during this time.

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